2017-2018 Evans/Spellmann Tabling Request Form

Evans Commons/Spellmann Tabling Request Form
All requests to have a table outside of Evans Commons and/or Spellmann Dining Hall must be made using the following form. Tabling without proper approval can lead to future suspension of this service.  All those reserving tables must read and comply with the University's Solicitation Policy and tabling guidelines.  Submission of this form indicates that you have read the University's Solicitation Policy and below tabling guidelines.

Tabling guidelines:  
  • No fliers or other promotional materials may be distributed and no items may be sold or given away without prior approval from the Director of Student Involvement.  
  • Items can only be sold to raise funds for non-profit causes and activities and programs that directly benefit students.  For-profit sales are prohibited on campus.  
  • All fundraising must be approved three weeks in advance.
  • All noise (music/presentations/communications/etc) should be kept to a reasonable level and not disturb any academic courses and/or building patrons. Any disruptions can lead to loss of future tabling. 
First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Telephone Number, including area code:
Are you affiliated with Lindenwood University?
Time & Location of Table (check all that apply)
Purpose of Table (check all that apply):
Will you be handing out or selling any items, fliers, etc.?
By submitting this form, my organization agrees to abide by the tabling policy and will not distribute any fliers or items not approved by Student Involvement.  NOTE:  YOU WILL RECEIVE CONFIRMATION OF YOUR REQUEST UPON APPROVAL.