2017-2018 Student Organization Solicitation Approval Form

Solicitation Approval Form

This form must be completed by all students and/or student organizations wishing to conduct off-campus or on-campus solicitations of donations or engage in any kind of fundraising activity. The form should be submitted at least three weeks in advance of any planned solicitation activity.  No arrangements or promotions for the solicitation activity can occur until this form has been approved by Student Involvement.  

Name of Organization/Individual
Project Title
Project Coordinator Name:
Project Coordinator Email:
Project Coordinator Telephone Number:
Solicitation Period Begin Date:
Solicitation Period End Date:
Description/Purpose of Fundraiser

Type(s) of Donations Being Solicited (i.e., Cash, In-Kind, etc.):

Form(s) of Solicitation (i.e., face-to-face, written proposal, special event, auction, sponsorships,
ticket sales, etc.):

If you will be purchasing items to sell, how will you be paying for the items?  
*Note: General Funds cannot be used to purchase items for sale.

Names of Persons conducting the solicitations (upload a list below, if necessary):

If you'd like to upload a list of those participating in solicitation, you may do so here.

In MS Excel format please attach a list of individuals and entities that you intend to solicit for this
project (those donating resources, services, funds, etc.). The list must be approved by the Advancement Office prior to conducting any solicitations.

Please include the following:
1. Name of business
2. Name of contact
3. Address
4. Telephone number

The Institutional Advanacement office maintains a “do-not-solicit” list of individuals and businesses. The list was developed to assist you in targeting your best contacts, to ensure respect for donor resources, and to minimize redundancies in requests for support. Permission to solicit individuals, businesses, foundations, and
trusts can only be granted after coordination with IA.